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Shameless Self Promotion

By  Nick Kasprak  on December 05, 2012 1:00 PM

I haven't updated this thing in a while what with buying a condo and moving and all that but I'm going to make a real effort to start blogging regularly again. I also am going to try and add blog comments in the near future, partly because the programming aspect of doing that from scratch will be a good exercise. But for now I'm going to just link a few recent highlights:

First off, I was recently quoted in the New York Times here, as well as a few other online newspapers, mostly talking about my state-by-state fiscal cliff paper

Secondly, I've recently done a few radio interviews here and there: Montana's The Flint Report, and also Maryland talk radio as well, though I can't find audio for that one. I was also recently on local TV for about three seconds, which was fun. This morning I did another TV interview for South Korean state TV - a reminder that U.S. fiscal policy affects the whole world. If I can find a video link for that I'll post it here, though I'm not sure when it will actually air.