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Recent Media Mentions

By  Nick Kasprak  on June 04, 2012 7:00 PM

I've been quoted in two recent stories - first up is this New York Post article, where I talk about taxes and interstate migration. This one annoyed me a bit - in the first edition of the story, the reporter paraphrased me as saying that taxes were a "major" factor in determining where people move. I'm pretty certain I said the exact opposite - the very first thing I told him was not to read too much into the migration numbers, and that while there is a slight correlation between tax levels and migration, taxes are only one of many ways that states compete with each other. Oh well. He did agree to change it after I complained.

Next is this Associated Press article about Obama and Romney's tax plans. This was a couple of weeks in the making - I did my calculation, and Citizens for Tax Justice did theirs, and it took some time to resolve the various discrepancies (nothing ideological - it's not as if the Tax Foundation wanted it to come out one way and CTJ wanted it to come out a different way; it came down to arcane definitional issues and different assumptions.) In the end we arrived at numbers we could both agree on, and working on this helped me refine the calculation in my Tax Policy Calculator.