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Morning-After Pill

By  Nick Kasprak  on June 06, 2012 8:00 AM

Science confirms yet again that the morning-after pill does not induce abortion, though I doubt this will actually change the minds of most pro-lifers. But, really, the whole question of whether it's possible that the pill could disrupt a fertilized egg's implantation is morally irrelevant. So much of the abortion debate is centered around the notion that there's a specific and precise time when something ceases to become a lump of cells and transforms into a full-fledged person, and that one can point to an object and emphatically say "This is a person" or "This is not a person." That's ridiculous, and it's great example of what Richard Dawkins calls the "tyranny of the discontinuous mind" - the human need to classify things. For example, this fossil is clearly from this species and not that one. This person is an adult, and that other one is not. This lump of cells is not a person, and that one is. The notion that there can exist something that is maybe half a person, or 2% of a person, or, in the case of a newly fertilized egg, 0.0000000001% of a person (based on the number of cells in a typical human body) seems like a dangerous idea to lots of people, and I don't understand why. The world is not black and white, and when we insist on ignoring its grey areas we do ourselves a disservice.